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What I do...

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Jamie Millard is a co-executive director for Pollen, a digital platform that builds better-connected communities. She is ultimately responsible for the development, implementation, and sustainability of the organization's core strategic activities: profiling individuals' stories, sharing community-curated opportunities, and hosting experience-driven events.

As an extension of Jamie's work at Pollen, she serves on a Greater MSP task force to address the retention and attraction of emerging talent in our region. Jamie has been identified as a "2015 40 Under 40" by the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal, as a "100 People to Know in 2015" by the Twin Cities Business Magazine, and as a top four "2014 Business & Industry Newsmaker" also by the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal. Nationally, Jamie was recognized in the Huffington Post as one of four millennial leaders, “doing important work to move us toward a more just and equitable society.”

In addition to her dream job, Jamie is a current member, and former board chair, of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network — Twin CitiesIn 2009, Jamie co-founded the literary arts magazine Paper Darts, which is now a premier Twin Cities literary institution and has published more than 600 writers and artists. 

When not co-collaborating on new ventures (which is rare), you’ll find Jamie walking her dogs or obsessing over the newest tech gadget or video game.


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YNPN-Twin Cities

YNPN-TC is made up of young nonprofit professionals who see the value in being intentional about professional development, and in building a peer support network to be more effective change-makers for the good of our communities. Being a member of YNPN-TC has introduced me to some of the most talented and creative minds in our social sector.

I served as the organization's board chair in 2013 and 2014, and I was responsible for inspiring stewardship in fellow board members and volunteers

Co-Executive Director

Pollen is a digital platform that builds better-connected communities. Founded in a belief that every connection begins with a story, Pollen’s platform centers around featuring the remarkable stories that make up a community through media-rich, nonfiction narrative. Bringing stories into action, Pollen’s platform also collects and shares hundreds of community-curated opportunities like the best jobs, events, and member updates.

When individuals contribute to their community through absorbing its stories and taking action by sharing opportunities, it provides a space for communities to become better connected.

Paper Darts

Founded in August of 2009, Paper Darts has become much more than the original 24 page zine we printed, assembled, and bound with a Singer sewing machine in our living rooms. Four years after me and my fellow co-founders first launched, we have expanded to include a publishing press, a creative agency for freelance hire, two additional talented staff members, and many wonderful volunteers.

Paper Darts has published five print magazines and one book. The organization has featured the work of more than 600 national and international artists.


Friday Roundtable: Rape Culture — Interview with Kerri Miller from Minnesota Public Radio  

To discuss how American culture treats the act of rape, victims of rape, and perpetrators of rape, Kate Harding, author of Asking For It, joined MPR News' Kerri Miller for the Friday Roundtable. Jamie Millard, the co-executive director of Pollen, and Traci Thomas-Card the prevention program coordinator for The Aurora Center at the University of Minnesota, also joined the conversation. 

Every seven minutes, someone in America commits a rape.

That's one of the stark statistics behind Kate Harding's new book, "Asking For It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture — and What We Can Do About It."

Harding analyzes everything from how law enforcement investigates rape cases to how sex is portrayed on TV. She also delves into the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. Many colleges and universities have been in the news for mishandling students' rape allegations while others have made headlines for instituting affirmative consent policies.

Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal's "40 Under 40 in 2015

"Want to learn how to network with laser focus and incredible effectiveness? Meet Jamie Millard.

Two years ago, Millard took on the role of co-director of Pollen, a major Twin Cities networking nonprofit that had grown organically from humble beginnings. Under her leadership, Pollen has become a powerhouse for connecting entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders and high-profile professionals throughout the metro, and now boasts over 10,000 members.

She and co-director Megan Murphy recruited a board of directors and launched a digital Web platform that provides a model for other networking organizations to follow.

Millard also lends her creativity and leadership to Paper Darts, a literary magazine she co-founded, and serves as chair of Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. Sought out nationally for her insights on social media and nonprofits, Millard demonstrates how networking should be done."


MN Next: Feminism — Interviewed by Minnesota Public Radio's Maddy Mahon

"What feminism stands for today, and where it's headed."

Host Maddy Mahon goes one-on-one with Jamie Millard, co-founder of Paper Darts, co-executive director of Pollen, board chair for the Young Non-Profit Professional Network, and feminist.

They'll talk about why feminism-phobia exists among some women, what feminism means for millennials today, and what its concerns will be in the future.

Twin Cities Business Magazine's "100 People to know in 2015

Who are the people on your must-meet list next year? The TCB 100 spotlights the business giants, the leaders with tons of potential and the up-and-comers to watch in 2015.

"One might wonder when Jamie Millard has time to breathe: Just five years out of college, she has launched and runs the literary magazine Paper Darts, doles out social media advice at conferences, engages social sector workers through the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network and sits at the helm of Pollen, an online community of more than 4,000 that shares civic-minded ideas and opportunities in Minnesota. Millard has plenty on her plate, but she keeps taking on more. Her next challenge? Building better-connected communities through sharing stories, opportunities and events."

Featured in video by University of Minnesota

TEDxUMN Talk: "Don't Ask For Permission"

YNPN Twin Cities mentioned in interview for Twin Cities Business magazine for "Emerging Leader Organizations on the Rise

Jamie Millard, a board member with the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, told me that groups that started out a few years ago to support young people through networking and professional development are “starting to think bigger about our role in the community … connecting with businesses and nonprofits to show these established organizations how our young groups can be an HR resource, to help keep their younger employees engaged in their work.” With the predicted leadership gap in Minnesota as older workers retire, Millard says these groups are asking, “How do we inspire, teach, and motivate young people to stay in Minnesota?” The question for nonprofits, she says, is “How will we engage the next generation of donors?”

Generation Now Leadership Visit — Milwaukee

An eye-opening, not life-changing but yeah totally life-changing, experience that brought together 55 Twin Cities emerging leaders across sectors and industries on an intense three-day trip to Milwaukee. Read fellow GNLVer Amanda Varley's recap and insights on the YNPN Twin Cities blog


Recognized on Huffington Post as one of four millennial leaders "doing important work to move us toward a more just and equitable society" by Trish Tchume in "A Field Guide for Recognizing Millennial Leadership"

There's Jamie Millard, a 2009 college graduate who, like so many of her generation, was left unemployed, confused, and forced to innovate. As the main wage earner of her household, she built a new, non-traditional resume that highlighted what she considers her primary identity: a storyteller. She helps her fellow nonprofiteers "find context, connections, and a little more human depth in a continually shallowing space" as publisher and editor-in-chief of Pollen (Minnesota's leading professional community for civic-minded connectors) and publishes off-the-wall, humorous fiction in Paper Darts (the literary arts magazine that she directs and co-founded).



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